Shades London Silver Shadow Toner

Shades London Silver Shadow Toner

Over the last couple of years I have used several different toners to try and achieve the new on trend silver colour formy hair. However, every time there is something I don’t quite love about it! Certain brandseither leave my hair feeling like straw afterwards, the colour is too dark, or the colour just doesn’t show. I find it really difficult to find a silver toner that gets me to the shade of silver Ireally desire...

I was recommended by afriend Shades London and since then my dilemma to silver hair has all changed! I discovered the Shades London Silver Shadow Toner and decided that I'd give it a try instead of what I used previously, and I was not left disappointed! Each box has five applications, and each application lasts for 10 washes. This means that you very rarely haveto repurchase the toner, even though its retail price is only £3.50.Bargain!

After applying the product and leaving it to develop for 15-20 minutes, my hair wasleft with a gorgeous silver colour that I fell in love with. My hair felt sosoft after washing and drying it and, so far, the colour has yet to fade after 5 washes. The toner was so easy to use and the colour payoff was amazing. A dark Silver with apurple undertone. LUSH!

I highly recommend anyoneto try Shades out if they haven’t already. Now that Shades London are on my radar,I can't wait to try all of their other colours! Pink candy for me next I think!!!

Shades London Toners are available in Asda for £3.50.