Shades London Silver Lining Hair Toner

Shades London Silver Lining Hair Toner


Imagine you've spent over a year trying to find the perfect hair colour that tones your hair the perfect shade of silver. Now imagine my excitement at finally finding it.

Here it is, in all its grey glory-ness.

I'm forever trying to find the perfect hair toner for my silver hair and I think I may have found it. I've had silver hair on and off for a long time now and I always find that many silver toners on the market are great at reducing the yellow tones in blonde hair, but not so great at toning it to a desired grey shade.

Shades London is a brand new range of semi-permanent hair toners which are available in Savers for just £3.99. Choose from Pink Candy, Lilac Haze, Silver Lining; giving up to 5 applications per box and lasting up to 10 washes.

I was a little bit apprehensive when I first applied the toner to my hair, as it's a very blue based formulation. I was scared my hair would turn blue which has happened before and it's been a challenge to remove the staining. Usually most hair toners are quite purple based, but I gave it a try anyway and hoped for the best! Here are the results after leaving it on for 15-20 minutes to develop.

I'm pleased to say that the result is a blue toned grey which I absolutely love and think suits my skin tone much better than the lilac-grey toners I usually use. It's still going strong after 4 washes too which is amazing because toners usually need topping up after just one wash.

No mess. No commitment. No damage to your hair and you can chop and change colours pretty much every month if you fancy. There are so many benefits to semi-permanent hair toners.

I'm really excited about this brand and will definitely be checking out the other two fun shades for the Summer. It'll also be interesting to see whether they bring out any other funky shades too!

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