Shades London Hair Toner Lilac Haze

Shades London Hair Toner Lilac Haze

I'm a big fan of changing my hair colour constantly as I get bored of it so easily, so when I was asked to try out one of Shade London's products I jumped at the chance. They are a relatively new company, only launching at the start of this year. They offer a range of semi-permanent toners in three easy-to-wear shades: Pink Candy, Lilac Haze and Silver Lining.

After spending two weeks in Dubai with lots of sun and without a silver shampoo (eek!), my hair was quite brassy. As soon as I got home all I wanted to do was tone it!

The Shades London toners are surprisingly very easy to use and mess free - all you have to do is use it as you would a regular conditioner! The instructions recommend to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, but I left it on for an hour to achieve a more toned, long lasting look.

As you can see, my hair toned to a very ashy blonde. I think if my hair was white blonde to start off with, then the lilac would have shown up more. However, as I was quite yellow to start off with, all of the lilac pigment was used up toning it to white.

You definitely don't need to use a conditioner afterwards as it left my over-bleached hair extremely soft, shiny and smelling great. You can use one tube for up to five applications (depending on how much hair you have!).

Shades London toners are available to buy from Savers for £3.99.

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